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Chocolate Macaroons

August 13, 2011

Smell the aroma!

Ok, so these Chocolate Macaroons are French, not Italian. But they taste so good…. These are from the second batch I made with leftover egg whites(needed the yolks for gelato). I must say they don’t have that smooth polished look like most multi-colored macaroons in the shops. I’m not a fan of artificial coloring, and believe in using good quality ingredients and bringing the best out of those ingredients. Hmmm.. sounds like the culinary philosophy of the Italians. Anyway, these macaroons are crunchy(the perfect macaroon should not be crunchy), evidenced by those crack lines, and they have a slightly chewy centre. Well, they are not perfect(took them out of oven 2 minutes late), but they taste so good on their own, I decided to leave out the filling. What’s great is they have a most amazing aroma(from the freshly ground almonds and dutch chocolate) that fills the kitchen and last really well in airtight containers. Just writing about it makes me salivate.( I just popped open the lid of my jar to get a whiff of the macaroons, still smell heavenly after more than a week!) That’s enough writing, I’m going to enjoy some macaroons with my Earl Grey Tea.


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