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Last week’s dinners

August 30, 2011

Seared Red Garoupa with Mushroom Caper sauce on Caulifower mash

Ciao a tutti! I can’t believe I’ll be leaving in 2 weeks! So little time to make so much preparations. Well, in the last week I only had time to cook a few dinners. First up here is my own version of a Seared Red Garoupa topped with a Mushroom Caper Sauce,and served on Cauliflower Mash. My husband simply loves this dish. The Cauliflower mash is a refreshing change from the usual mash potato. I enhanced the flavour of the cauliflower by adding some grated parmesan, lemon juice, olive oil and seasoned it to taste. I love the mushroom and caper sauce too, and it’s so easy to make, done it 5 minutes. Definitely a dish you would find in my restaurant.

Seafood Bouillabaise minus the mussels

Amazingly, I also found the time to cook something I haven’t cooked in years…Bouillabaise! That’s because we went to the market and found some nice flower crabs, fish etc that would fit well into this dish, except we couldn’t find any nice mussels. Important thing to note about cooking seafood(or anything for that matter), is this,”If it ain’t fresh, don’t put it in!” Don’t add a fish or mussel etc that’s not fresh to your dish, even if the recipe calls for it, otherwise it will ruin your whole dish and waste your effort. Since we’re on this topic, the only ‘stale’ ingredient you do see in recipes are probably ‘stale’ bread or day old bread, that are used in Panzanella, Bread Pudding etc, where you need the bread to soak up the wet ingredients without becoming mushy.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention Bouillabaise is french not italian, sorry about the constant deviation to french cuisine, my other love.

Porcini Risotto with grilled mushrooms

Here’s something more italian, another dish that I’ve been hoping to find the chance to cook, Porcini Risotto. I bought some dried porcini when I was at an Italian market in NY’s Chelsea market, love that place. I actually had some dried cepes too, and used the reconsitituion liquid from both as the stock(more from porcini as I wanted more of the intense porcini flavor). I only added the porcini into the risotto, and topped it with some grilled button mushrooms before serving. Enjoy!


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