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The Journey has begun…first stop Mercato!

September 16, 2011

I’m finally here! Travelling alone with heavy luggage is really no joke. As a fellow traveller I met said,”Once you have travelled on your own, you can do anything.”

La Casa di Amy

Well, I’m glad I checked into a nice little B&B after a grueling journey.

Once I’m well rested, the first place I visit in the morning is the Mercato! That’s market in italian. In any country that I visit, the market is always the most important place to go to. I can tell so much about the country, its people and their culture by visiting the market.
This mercato that I went to is near Roma termini, and is considered good and cheap by the locals. The colorful sights of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables delight my senses. I loved the stall that sold cheese and cured meats.

Cheeses and cured meats

I was tempted to buy the ham and the prosciutto, but settled just for the all popular Grana Padano Cheese, that is a hard grainycheese, that has been matured up to 2 years, so it’s full of flavor. This cheese is low in salt and has high nutrional value, the perfect accompaniment to my fruits and nuts. Best of all, this local cheese is very affordable, which explains its popularity.
I met a fellow traveller from Canada, and with all these fruits, nuts and cheese, we’re all set for a picnic while making our way to visit the Vatican City.

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