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Jesi, Le Marche

September 24, 2011

Ostello (Villa Borgognoni)

 Earlier this week, I finally made my way to Jesi, where my school is. The Ostello(Youth Hostel) was my home for the first few days. It is set in a compound of a 3 centuries old villa. I’m guessing the extremely tall trees are almost as old. 
The weather is a little unpredictable as it’s the end of summer, and autumn is almost here. So, it could still be very hot one day, and the next, rainy and cold. Overall, I still love the crisp, cold air, especially in the morning, and the lower humdity.

Crescia with Salumi and Formaggio


It was great to meet my school mates who share the same passion: Food!
The first week at school was mainly orientation, and ‘mastering’ the Italian language, before we start the culinary lessons proper. This gave us a chance to sample the various ristorante and trattoria. The difference between a ristorante and a trattoria, is that a trattoria serves mainly traditional cuisine, while a ristorante serves more modern cuisine.

My plate

  On the first day, we had lunch at Vincanto, a rather modern ristorante near the school. I was rather impressed with this little ristorante. I did not have my camera on that day, and so don’t have any pictures. But I will be back later this week, and I promise you some good pictures.
On the second day, we tried something a little more traditional at Trattoria di Fortuna. We ordered Crescia, a kind of traditional flat bread, served with salami, prosciutto, 2 types of cheese and some vegetables.
Cured meats and cheeses are ways of preserving meat and milk in the past when there was no refrigeration. But, it’s a tradition that has been passed down through many generations, and is still well appreciated for the intense flavours.
Canneloni Bianco

After that, we had canneloni in white sauce with meat and mushroom.

You can tell tht certain pasta is hand made because it is uneven in size and thickness. However, I do feel that when the pieces are uneven in size and thickness, it is difficult to cook to perfection. Neverthless, it is always a must to try the traditional dishes, although I like some more than others.
I’m amazed at how a little town like Jesi can boast so many good restaurants and beautiful boutique shops. We will be visiting 1 restaurant everyday, so stay tuned.
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