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A soul mate across the globe

September 27, 2011

Will anyone travel across the globe to find a soul mate? Apparently, it seems I did. Who would have known that I would find someone who shares such similar passions as me almost halfway around the world. The funny thing is we both had traveled so far from our own countries and met in a land that is totally foreign to us.

Yoko hails from Japan and me from Singapore. It’s our first time in Italy, and we don’t even speak Italian. The problem is I don’t speak nor understand Japanese, and she doesn’t speak or understand English. After a week of Italian language lessons, we are able to communicate with our basic Italian. It’s so amazing that we can even communicate, after only a week.

Most of my life, I have never found anyone who shares my passion and belief about food, and now some one who doesn’t even speak my language gets excited over the same things as I do. God really has a sense of humour.

This discovery was made after I moved into the new apartment where she stays. Initially, I was worried we couldn’t communicate. It was my turn to prepare dinner last Friday, and I threw together certain antipasto  ingredients which I love, to make my own antipasto as a main course, for dinner. I had nice fresh figs, with my favourite mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula, basil and tomatoes, and drizzled aged balsamic reduction with olive oil. Usually, you don’t find this combination in a ristorante, but maybe in 2 different antitpasti, and I would find it hard to choose between the 2. So, imagine my delight when all these ingredients are at my finger tips to plate. To my surprise, Yoko was equally delighted! This is the exact combination that she loves too!

Caprese salad with Prosciutto and Figs

Thereafter, we began to share our beliefs about food, yes, in our very basic command of Italian language, and many ‘sign languages’.  We believe that food should be prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season, that salad dressings should be made fresh with good ingredients that are beneficial for the body and not use store bought dressing. We also observed in our respective countries that the younger generation generally eat out and don’t really know how to cook, and we both see a problem in the coming generation, with the lack of culinary skills and the popularity of fast food.  Amazingly, we even share a similar taste for food.

Maybe some people would not consider sharing a passion for food as being soul mates, but it is rare to find some one who share these  very specific beliefs with such passion and intensity. Passion has no barrier, not even language. When something resonates within your soul, you have found your soul mate. You do not need to be very similar in personality, nor share many similar areas of your life. It’s possible to have different soul mates that share different areas of your life. I believe God made us different so we can share different parts of ourselves with different people.

It’s so refreshing and energizing to feel your soul resonate with another, it fuels the passion and gives you the drive to do something purposeful with it. In this ‘feel good’ generation, it is rare to find people who have a purpose in life and are fueled by their passion. My belief is that our passion is not for us just to do something we like, and to make ourselves feel good, contented, and to have a sense of achievement. Rather, our passion should fuel us to a purpose greater than ourselves. Afterall, we only live once, why not make a difference with our lives, and inspire others. The calling is within; will we answer the call?

From my soul to yours…


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