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Farmer’s market

September 28, 2011

Open Market

My favourite place to visit, in any country, is the farmers’ market. They call it ‘open market’ over here, but it’s essentially a farmers’ market, as they only bring their goods here to sell on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.
I was at the market before school lessons started, so I had a little time to feast my eyes and buy myself some fruits. I love this market not just because the fruits and vegetables are fresh, but also  because no pesticides and chemicals are used by these farmers. The produce here is basically ‘organic’, although they don’t label it.

Fresh figs

 Back in Singapore, I can hardly find any fresh figs, and if I do, they are often few and miserable looking, not mention, costly. Surely, you can imagine my joy when I found myself these fresh, sweet, perfectly ripe figs, and it only cost me 1.50 euro for a kilo!
 I’m having figs and yoghurt for breakfast everyday. Buonissimo!

Mellisa(Lemon Verbena)

The day just kept getting better. After visiting the market in the morning, I had the pleasure of visiting a nearby farm later that morning. We got to see, smell and taste various herbs and fruits. I simply love the smell of Lemon Verbena, which is great for infusions as well as for cooking fish, lending its fresh lemony aroma without the acidity of lemon juice.

Figs on a tree!

 I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw for the first time, figs, on a tree! and I had just bought some figs earlier in the morning. What good timing! This is the second season in the year for figs, and it’s coming to an end. The owner, Roberto, even plucked some figs from the tree for us to eat. No chemicals or pesticides are used in this farm, so everything is safe to eat.

Cauliflower patch

The farm visit was supposedly only a small treat for us, but it already made me very happy. I got to see my favourite fruits and vegetables growing: eggplant, pumpkin, cauliflower, rosemary, basil, thyme, figs, bell peppers etc.
I’m so looking forward to the other field trips.
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