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Trattoria Antonietta

September 30, 2011

Trattoria Antonietta

In Italy, restaurants are generally divided into 3 categories: Trattoria, Osteria and Ristorante. Trattoria serves only traditional dishes, while Ristorante serves more modern cuisine and some are more fine dining than others. Osteria is somewhere in between, serving both traditional and some modern cuisine.
Trattoria Antonietta is one of the trattoria that we visited, and found to be better than most. The trattoria is located rather inconspicuously along a street just outside the medieval wall of the historic city centre of Jesi.

Tagliatelle con coniglio

The first dish recommended to us by the cameriere(server) is Tagliatelle con Coniglio(rabbit). I was at first hesitant about ordering that, since I had pet rabbits before and couldn’t imagine eating them. But I was told it was not the little white rabbits I envisaged. In any case, how can we not try something so authentic, and traditional in Italy.
As it turns out, it was one of the best pasta we tried. It was absolutely buonissimo! The tagliatelle was also perfectly al dente.

Ravioli con spinaci e ricotta e con burro e salvia

The second dish we tried was the very traditional Ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, and finished off with sage and butter. It was obvious these were hand made, as some were smaller than others. The uneven thickness and size of the ravioli, in my opinion, resulted in uneven cooking, and varying hardness of the pasta. Perfectly fine for trattoria, but maybe not so for ristorante.

Torta di Mela con gelato

Usually, in Italy, we order antipasti(appetizers), followed by Primi (first course of either pasta or risotto), followed by Secondi (second course of Fish or Meat), and then Dolci(dessert).
But, we only ordered pasta, as we didn’t want anything too heavy for lunch, and went straight to dessert!
We had Apple Pie with Ice Cream, drizzled with caramel. The apple pie here was made with short crust pastry and was filled with stewed apples, pine nuts and walnuts. Definitely something I would try at home. Very nice!

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