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La Festa del Patrono di Jesi

October 1, 2011

La Festa

Last weekend, throngs of people turned the usually quiet town of Jesi into one big party. People from all around the region flocked to Jesi, filling the streets from morning to night, from Friday to Sunday. It was a festival of the Patron Saint of Jesi. Apparently, all the towns had their own patron saints, they usually hold their annual festivals at different times of the year.
At this festival, there were about 600 stalls selling anything from clothes, shoes and bags, to traditional sweets, street and produce from regions around the area.

Sweet shop selling candy and nuts. Love the pralines!

There were so may stalls, it was impossible to see them all in a day. My favourite stalls were the food stalls, but of course.

Salumi from Umbria

 There were several stalls that showed of their salumi or cured meats. Salsiccia or dried sausages, and small salami hung from the stalls and the tables were filled with different types of salami. Apart from those made from pork, they also had some made from Cinghiale or Wild Boar. I tasted so many types, my taste buds got confused.

More Salami and Pancetta

The festival was both a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. You could go round tasting almost everything before you buy. 

My favourite Prosciutto stall

Then I met the owner of a stall that was associated with Slow Food, the association that my school collaborates with. Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization that links the pleasure of eating good food, with the commitment to the community and environment. You can find out more about Slow Food here

Mortadella - Have you seen a sausage this big?

One of my Japanese friends love Mortadella, a huge sausage that is cut into thin slices. It is not hard like salami, but taste more like ham, but more flavorful.

La Porchetta

 If I were to choose my favourite food item from the wide selection, it would have to be La Porchetta, hands down. Porchetta is their version of roasted pig, generously seasoned with fennel and some other spices, making it very fragrant and flavorful. The skin is crispy and the meat is tender and juicy. What could be better?


And then, there is Tartufo! How could the festival be complete without truffle? Several stalls peddle their range of truffle spreads and products, as well as the real thing. But, it’s not a truffle fair, so you can’t expect to find the really expensive stuff.

Tavola di Olive

Many other interesting sights include the Olive table, that showcases olives of many different colors and tastes, and the cheese stalls. Frankly, if you are not the type that fancy cheeses, and salami, the walk through the tent of salami and cheese stalls may not quite be the thing for you. The intense aroma that  surrounds you, is not for the faint-hearted.  

Cheese and Honey

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