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Mare Mare

October 3, 2011

Mare Mare

Mare Mare is probably one of the better Ristorante that we went to. ‘Mare’ in italian means sea. So, you probably can guess that this ristorante serves only seafood. In my opinion, if a ristorante serves only a particular type of food, chances are that the food is going to be good because they specialise in it.
I found out that in Italy, the government is enforcing a ban on fishing for 2 months, in August and September. This is to prevent over fishing and allow the sea to replenish itself. I think this is great, because it’s taking a measure to preserve their resources and not deplete it for commercialization.
What I wonder, is how Mare Mare can serve seafood during the 2 months that they can’t get fresh seafood. There is frozen seafood available but we all know frozen seafood is never quite the same as fresh seafood. Well, if I really want to know I have to visit them again.
The ristorante setting is very pleasant, with the furniture and decor mainly in white and blue.
This is probably the first ristorante that we’ve been to that serves you a glass of prosecco(italian sparkling wine that is usually very expensive in Singapore) as a welcome drink. I’m liking it already.

The Menu

 The menu is also very tastefully done. Being a seafood ristorante, they have a wider variety of seafood antipasti than most ristorante.

Carpaccio of tuna with avocado

We decided to order 2 antipasti to try. The first is a Carpaccio of Tuna with avocado. The ingredients were fresh and delicately seasoned, a perfect combination. I love avocado, but never paired it with raw tuna. This is the first, and it won’t be the last. I suspect they added some sesame oil to season the tuna, and although the flavor is quite subtle, it brought all the ingredients together. Perfecto!

Smoked swordfish with fennel

The next antipasto is Smoked Swordfish with fresh Fennel, sprinkled with fennel seeds. I love fennel and raw swordfish, but I’ve never seen them paired this way. Another first for me. Fennel seeds are frequently used here in Italy for flavoring, as it has a very frangrant aniseed aroma. Again, it was so delicious, it was all gone in a matter of minutes.


Satisfied with our appetizers, we had a secondo as our main course, Paella with Cozze, prawns, vongole etc. Paella is actually  spanish rice with seafood dish. But, it’s so popular it’s found in many places that has great seafood. Since it is end of September already, fresh seafood is available.

Zuppa di Cioccolato con Gelato di Banana

And then…there was dessert! I can’t believe a seafood ristorante like Mare Mare can offer such gorgeous desserts. The Zuppa di Cioccolato(translated as Chocolate soup) is out of this world. It was so good, Yoko and I couldn’t stop eating, until we almost licked up the bowl clean. I’m a dessert lover, but a fussy one. So, if this one has won me over, I’ve no doubt you’ll love it, unless you dislike chocolate. Again, Banana Gelato and chocolate, another lethal combination. The chef here really knows how to pair foods, simple but perfect.

Cannoli with Marscapone

The dessert was so good, we had to have 2. My friend ordered the Cannoli filled with Marscapone cream. Cannoli is a Sicilian pastry, which is a pastry tube with a cream filling. Usually the pastry is fried, but this one is more like wafer or tuille, thin crisp, and not oily, very delicate. Marscapone is a creamy cheese that is usually used in desserts like Tiramisu. I must say I’m pressed with the simple yet very elegant presentation.

Atsuko, Yoko and me

 We had a really great time at Mare Mare, and I hope we get the chance to come back again. I will definitely order the 2 antipasti and the Zuppa di Cioccolato again.
Ci vediamo doppo!
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