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October 6, 2011


 This is our second time at Vincanto, a ristorante near our school. We were pretty impressed with the food and presentation the last time we came.
Vincanto is a fairly new ristorante, only about a year old, but it’s quite different from most of the other ristorante and trattoria, in that they have a special set menu once every month for dinner, featuring the best seasonal ingredients at that time, and they inform their guests about it. In fact, for the last one, just last week, they featured Cozze, the black mussels, and it was already fully booked when we wanted to make reservations.
During this visit, we were seated in the basement dining area, so it’s a little dim, but rather cozy.
As usual, we were served a basket of warm bread, foccacia and grissini(bread sticks) with herbed butter. There after, we were served an appetizer, compliments of the chef.

Couscous appetizer

Although the appetizer was complimentary, the presentation and quality is in no way compromised. The flavourful couscous is served on a base of gazpacho with croutons, and topped with a zuchini flower. It was very delicate, yet flavourful.
We also ordered an appetizer, but a more substantial one with roasted quail.

Quail with balsamico glaze

The quail was done perfectly, crisp outside, medium and juicy on the inside. I usually find that most quails served, are rather dry and easily overcooked, especially when the bird is so small. The balsamic glaze, which was more like a dressing, or sauce, together with the arugula, complemented the gaminess of the quail very well. There was even a quail egg that was coated and deep-fried like a croquette, and cut in half for an interesting presentation.

Tortellini filled with Gurnard

Next, the primo, pasta dish, my friend ordered was Tortellini filled with Gurnard, a kind of fish, in a spicy clam broth. I didn’t like this dish very much, as I found it a little fishy. Maybe, it’s because I usually prefer pasta with meat, cheese or mushroom.

Roasted lamb with dried fruits and port wine reduction

Finally, the secondo, meat dish, which I ordered, arrived. The lamb was roasted medium to well, but still tender. The dried figs, raisins and nuts in the port wine reduction was a great complement to the lamb. The fruit and nut concoction was also great on its own. This is one dish I would definitely try at home.

Coffee and white chocolate ganache with liquer

Although we didn’t have time for dessert, we couldn’t leave without having coffee first. I love having coffee here, as they serve it with a shot glass of white chocolate ganache with liquer, and leave it to the customer to interpret. You can drink your coffee first and finish off with the sweet white chocolate, or you can savour the liquered dessert, and end with coffee. For me, I like to take them together; a spoon of white chocolate in my mouth and then sipping the coffee slowly, letting the chocolate melt in the hot coffee and swirl in my mouth. It’s like drinking Irish coffee with chocolate. What a way to end my meal!
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