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Pergolesi Lounge

October 9, 2011

Opening of Pergolesi Lounge

Last Saturday evening, we were all invited to the opening of Pergolesi. a lounge next to our school. It’s a cafe by day, and Lounge/Bar by night. 
It was so crowded, it was almost impossible to get in. All the people that we knew in Jesi were at the opening. We finally made our way to where the wine and food table was.
 For aperitivo, they served Lasagna( Bianca e Rosso) and Parmigiano Reggiano, and various wines. We chose Prosecco to go with the food. The decor was contemporary and artsy;  very tastefully done.I really like the ambience, especially the bar counter with the backlight showcasing the liquers. There were also little cosy corners that guests could sit together for a drink and a chat. A perfect hang out!

Our new friends

We even made some new friends. Francesca and her 3 children speak English and Italiano, so it was great  to have someone to speak English to for a while, since I usually have to speak italiano with my Japanese friends, as they don’t speak English and I don’t speak Japanese . All in all, it was a new experience for us, and a great one!

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