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Truffle Fair

October 18, 2011

Truffle stall

Yesterday, on Sunday, we drove to a nearby town Morro D’alba where there was a  Truffle fair. There were a number of stalls selling everything truffle from the real thing to minced truffle in oil, truffle sauce(which 5% truffle and 95% everything else), truffle butter, and even truffle oil. To anyone out there who ever thought of buying truffle oil, STOP! Truffle oil is the only thing you shouldn’t buy at all, because the truffle aroma is extracted through the use of chemicals which cannot be digested by our bodies at all, so it is actually detrimental to our health. This is confirmed by many chefs, but I still don’t understand why it is still sold widely. 
Anyway, just look at that gigantic truffle on the table.

Truffle pasta for lunch

After a whole morning of tasting(olive oil, cheese, salami and everything with truffle except the real thing itself, of course) and shopping, it’s time for lunch. We ordered the pastas with truffle, namely Lasagna Bianca and Carbonara al Tartufo, and waited eagerly.

Carbonara al Tartufo

My Carbonara was very tasty, but it had a lot more Salsiccia than Tartufo. Can you see the few slices of black truffle?
It was good, but the aroma wasn’t as strong as I expected, and I wasn’t quite satisfied. So, I went back to one of the stalls and bought myself a tiny piece of white truffle.

My little white truffle

White truffle is much more expensive compared with black truffle. The reason being that the supply of white truffle is lower, and most believe that white truffle has a nicer and stronger aroma than that of black truffles. Some people believe there is no difference. Wanting to check it out for myself, I went to 2 stalls to sniff the truffles, and their white truffles did smell more fragrant, and stronger than their black ones. So, that’s my opinion so far.
Shaved truffle on soft boiled egg

My experiment with truffle carried me to another step which probably only a Singaporean would do. I made soft boiled egg, sprinkled a little salt and shave some truffle over it. Egg is one of the accompaniments that go well with truffle. My conclusion about truffle: it’s the smell that we’re after, there isn’t much of a taste. To fully savour the truffle, you need to circulate the air in your mouth and nose. (ok, this description is rather awkward, and I don’t  know if there’s a technical term to describe the exchange of air to savour the aroma, but those of you who use this technic will understand what I’m talking about)

Having been sniffing my precious little truffle these 2 days, the aroma is locked in my brain. 🙂
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