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Third week – Piemonte

October 27, 2011

Salsa - Rosso, Miele, Verde

The recipes that we learned were so different from what I expected. There were no truffles! Piemonte is in the north and is famous for their truffles, but we didn’t get any, so, I shan’t talk about it.
Most of the dishes we learnt were very traditional dishes that evolved over the centuries and often from the poor common people. The first dish I had to work on was Gran Bolito Misto served with 3 different sauces as shown in the picture here. It is a variety of odd cuts of meat like tongue, shin, oxtail, and then there was a whole chicken. everything was boiled in broth.
To make the Salsa Verde, I had to chop so much parsley. At home, I would have just put everything into my food processor and … blitz. Well, everyone said my salsa verde was good, so it was worth the effort.

Insalata di Carne Cruda

And then, there was my favourite dish, Steak Tartare. The fresh raw meat was delicately flavored with olive oil, salt and pepper and some lemon juice.
This is considered a gourmet dish, and you need very fresh beef, something that is very hard to get in Singapore. Over here, they know where the cow comes from and what the cow fed on, and whether the cow ever fell sick. This is quality control at its ultimate.

Gnocchi di Patate

After that, I finally got to learn how to make gnocchi. I had no idea that there were so many types of gnocchi. I thought all gnocchi were made of potato, which was what we made. That’s good enough for me, for now. (hmm.. maybe next time I can try with zucca or pumpkin).


 Another traditional dish we made that probably has different versions of it in different countries, was Capunet, a filling made with sausage meat wrapped with cabbage. It can be panfried or baked in the oven with parmesan cheese. Either way, it was very tasty. Another dish which I did not expect to come from Piemonte.

I Brutti ma Buoni

 The recipe that has got the most interesting name was I Brutti ma Buoni, which means Ugly but Delicious. These little cookies are made with ground hazelnuts, sugar and eggwhites only. It was easy to make and so delicious. It didn’t look ugly to me at all.

Panna Cotta

 What sweeter way to end the meal than with a Panna Cotta. Panna Cotta means cooked cream. The traditional flavor is caramel. The Panna Cotta is made with cream, sugar, vanilla bean and gelatine. Simple but not easy to get it perfect.

Pere Cotte nel Vino

 Of course, we never have just 1 dessert here. For once, I actually like Pear cooked in red wine. Whoever created this recipe didn’t like hard pears, just like me. This recipe will definitely be a frequent feature for me.

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